Hertford's strong fiscal management acknowledged

The Local Government Commission (LGC) has removed the Town of Hertford from the Unit Assistance List.  The Town was placed on the list several years ago because of its deficient financial health and past fiscal management practices.  Kendra B. Boyle, director of the fiscal management section of the State and Local Government Finance Division in the state Treasurer’s Office, said in a letter to Town officials that “we commend you and your staff on the efforts you made to achieve this goal.”  The decision to remove the Town from the list was based on the LGC analyzing data from the Town’s audited financial statements for fiscal year 2023 and other information related to its financial health and fiscal management.  Hertford Town Manager Janice McKenzie Cole said she was “glad the Local Government Commission recognized the progress the Town made in improving its financial condition.  She attributes the Town’s progress to the staff’s diligence and determination to create a sound and professional financial operation.  Cole said “It sends a message to those who are considering investing in Hertford that we are financially healthy with strong fiscal management practices and it lets the residents know that we are being good stewards of their money.