Yard Waste

The Town of Hertford collects yard waste placed at the curb line of the property. The Town is divided into Zones and pickup days are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. If your yard waste is not collected within a weeks time, please call customer service at (252) 426-5311.   To determine your zone and pickup day, please see the Yard Debris Schedule.
The Town chips tree limbs into mulch. They will accept limbs no larger than 4inches in diameter nor 4 feet in length. When placing yard waste on the curb please separate the material to be chipped from the other yard waste. Do not place any hard objects in with the leaves. The Town uses a vacuum truck to pick up leaves and hard objects mixed within the leaves can damage it. Leaves should be placed separate from other yard waste.

The Town crews will collect normal volumes of yard waste from town properties. The Town reserves the right to charge landowners for volumes of yard waste that exceed “normal volumes”. The Public Services Director will make the determination of what exceeds the normal volume of yard waste and estimate the charge to remove the excess volume.

Contractors who perform yard work and/or cut trees should not leave their cuttings at the curb but should remove them from the area and dispose of them in a proper manner. The Town will not clean up after contractors and the homeowner will be held responsible for the excess debris.