Grants & Investments

The Town of Hertford is a rising star in northeast North Carolina.  Hertford’s potential is being realized by public and private investors.  Numerous private investors have purchased property in our downtown with plans of rehabilitating and creating retail space on the street level and living space on the upper floors.  Hertford has also had success with competitive grants.  The following infrastructure grants were awarded within the last 12 months:

Infrastructure Improvements

-NC Department of Agriculture STRAP          $46,000

-NC Department of Environmental Quality, DWI,  AIA Inventories    $300,000

-NC Department of Environmental Quality, DWI, Merger Feasibility Study   $75,000

-NC Department of Environmental Quality, Viable Utilities program   $14,923,000

-Golden Leaf Flood Mitigation Grant        $90,000

-NC Department of Environmental Quality, CAMA Feasibility Study    $45,000


Community and Riverfront Economic & Tourism Improvements (2020-2023):

-USDA RBDG Community & Riverfront Master Plan              $196,000

-NC Department of Transportation “S” Bridge Relocation      $750,000

-NC Department of Commerce Rural Transformation            $725,000