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Missing Mill Park-

Hours: Sunrise to Sunset

Reservations: Pavilion can be reserved by calling (252) 426-7805x7

Park Rules:

NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES allowed on Town property or inside any Town facility without Permit.

No function shall be sponsored by, or associated with, an alcoholic beverage company or distributor

All signage must be approved by The Town of Hertford.Park hours are 6:00 am to 8:00pm.

User is responsible for any damages incurred during use of the facility.

All trash, garbage, bottles, cans, paper, etc., must be disposed of in trash containers provided. USERS MUST LEAVE THE PROPERTY AND FACILITY CLEAN.          

Town facilities may not be used for buying or selling of goods for profit or less with permit.

Any fee charged must be fully explained.

Loud music and noise, which can be heard beyond the immediate area of the park is prohibited. This includes radios, CD, and DVD players, loudspeakers, amplifiers or persons playing musical instruments.           

No overnight camping permitted.           

Fire permitted in grills only.

Firearms are strictly prohibited.

Parking permitted only in designated parking spaces.

No vehicles are allowed on the grass.

Tents allowed with the permission from the Town of Hertford.

Owners must keep pets on a leash at all times and clean up after them. NO RIDING ANIMALS ALLOWED.

Moving, defacing, or destroying property in Town parks is prohibited. (Signs, picnic tables, trashcans, grills, trees, shrubs, etc.)

Reserving a section of the park does not give you authority to block the parking lot or close the park or any portion of the park to visitors. Parks must remain open to other guests. Retain your proof of reservations during your function. It is proof that you have reserved the shelter.

Bouncer and recreational blow-ups allowed with permission from the Town of Hertford and with proper insurance coverage.

Any changes in your reservations must be noted with the Town of Hertford before your event. Please call (252) 426-7805 x7.. 


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