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114 West Grubb Street
Hertford, NC 27944

Boards, Commissions, Committees

Town of Hertford Boards, Commissions and Committees appointments. (Note- (*) appointments made by Perquimans County Commissioners. All others are made by Town of Hertford Council).

Planning & Zoning Board of Adjustments -Seven Members (5 Regular & 2 Alternate)/3 year terms. The Planning & Zoning Board of Adjustments meets on the 3rd Monday of the month (depending on zoning business) in the Municipal Building at 114 W. Grubb Street at 7:00 PM.


H.B. “Skip” Matthews, Chairperson (Term ends 12/2019)
322 N. Front Street
Hertford, NC 27944


Kisha Darden, Vice-Chairperson (Term ends 12/2021)
313 Dobb Street
Hertford, NC 27944


Ashley Hodges (Term expires 12/2021)
106 N. Front Street
Hertford, NC 27944


Shoniqua Powell (Term expires 1/2022)
100 Brace Avenue Apt. 7
Hertford, NC 27944                                                                                                                                                       


Martha Borders (Term expires 12/2022)
105 Carolina Avenue
Hertford, NC 27944        
Jeff Moreland (Term expires 12/2019)
Market Street
Hertford, NC 27944


Joe T. White, Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Member- (Term ends 12/2021) *
962 S. Edenton Road Street
Hertford, NC 27944


Economic Development Commission (EDC) -The Town Council appoints two members for a two-year term. One member is a Commissioner and the other can be a citizen-at-large.The EDC meets on the 4th Wednesday of each month in the County Commissioner’s chambers in the Courthouse Annex.

       Quentin Jackson, Town Commissioner (Term ends 12/2021)
       310 S. Church St.
       Hertford, NC 27944
      Horace Reid, Mayor (Term ends 12/2021)
      717 Edenton Road Street
      Hertford, NC 27944
      Pamela Hurdle (ex-officio)

ABC Board -The Town Council appoints three members for a three year term.

      Micheal Hare, Chairman (Term ends 8/2021)
      3028 Kelly's Beach Road
      Tyner, NC 27980
      Joseph Hoffler (Term ends 8/2020)
      1985 Centerhill Hwy.
      Hertford, NC 27944
       Todd Tilley (Term ends 8/2019)
      1287 Center Hill Hwy.
       Hertford, NC  27944

Historic Hertford Inc. -The Town Council appoints two members to this board. One member is the Mayor who serves continuously and the other is a Council appointee.

       Horace C. Reid, Jr., Mayor of Hertford (Term is continuous)
       717 S. Edenton Road Street
       Hertford, NC 27944

       Frank Norman (Term ends June 30, 2020)                                                                                                                                                                   
      122   Wynne Fork Court
      Hertford, NC 27944

Albemarle RPO (Rural Planning Organization) - The RPO is made up of the TAC (Technical Advisory Committee) and the TCC (Technical Coordination Committee). The TAC includes elected officials from the 10 counties of the Albemarle region including the cities and towns. The TCC is made up of staff from these same counties, cities, and towns. The RPO’s purpose is to prioritize regional transportation projects. These appointments are made by Town Council.

       Frank Norman                                                                  
      122 Wynne Fork Court
      Hertford, NC 27944
       Pamela  Hurdle,TCC  Appointee
       P. O. Box 32
       Hertford, NC 27944

Hertford Housing Authority -The Town Council appoints 5-members to the Housing Authority Board of Directors for 5- year terms. The Housing Authority Executive Director is Gail White and her office is at 104 White Street, Hertford (Phone 252-426-5663)

       Calvin Johnson, Chairman (Term ends 9/2020)
       325 King Street
       Hertford, NC 27944
        Louise Privott (Term ends 9/2019)
       105 Pineridge MHP Lane
       Hertford, NC 27944
       Lula Eason (Term ends 9/2020)
       Dobbs Street Hertford, NC27944
       Susan Winslow (Term ends 9/2023)
       307 N. Church Street
       Hertford, NC 27944
       Buck Bunch (Term ends 9/2019)
       208 N. Front Street
       Hertford, NC 27944

CFPT (Child Fatality Prevention Team) -  *(16-Memebers, Appointment is made by County Commissioners)

        Police Chief Dennis Brown

Communication Advisory Board  - (2-Year Term,5-Member, Appointment is made by Town Council)

       Gracie Felton
       Pamela Hurdle (ex-offico)

Harbor Town Project

     Councilman Frank Norman
     Town Manager Pamela Hurdle

Hazard Mitigation Plan Committee

      Councilman Quentin Jackson
      Town Manager Pamela Hurdle


Housing Committee - (8-Members, Unlimited term). Currently disbanded- CDBG funding discontinue.


Industrial Facilities & Pollution Control Financing - (7-Members, 6-years term)

        Mayor Horace Reid  

Inter-Agency Council - (Appointment is made by Town Council, 1-year term)

     Police Chief Dennis Brown
    Town Manager Pamela Hurdle

Recreation Advisory Board - (Appointment term 3-years and 10-member Board)

    Martina V. McClenney

Tourism Development Authority (TDA) - (Appointment by Town Council, 6-Memebers, 2-year term)

   Councilwoman Gracie Felton