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Charters & Ordinances

Town Charter

The Charter for the Town of Hertford (pdf)


Code of Ordinances

Code of Ordinances - Table of Contents (pdf)

Ordinances, Chapter One - Legislation and Administration (pdf)

Ordinances, Chapter Two - Police (pdf)

Ordinances, Chapter Three - Fire Protection and Prevention (pdf)

Ordinances, Chapter Four - Streets and Sidewalks (pdf)

Ordinances, Chapter Five - Traffic (pdf)

Ordinances, Chapter Six - Municipal Utilities (pdf)

Ordinances, Chapter Seven - Building Regulations (pdf)

Ordinances, Chapter Eight - Disorderly Conduct and Public Nuisances (pdf)

Ordinances, Chapter Nine - Business and Trades (pdf)

Ordinances, Chapter Ten - Planning and Zoning (pdf)

Ordinances, Chapter Eleven - Penalties (pdf)

Ordinances, Chapter Twelve - Cemeteries (pdf)


Subdivision Regulations and Zoning Ordinances

Subdivision Regulations (pdf)

Zoning Ordinance - Table of Contents (pdf)

Zoning, Article One - Enactment, Short Title, Jurisdiction, Purpose (pdf)

Zoning, Article Two -Establishment of Districts (pdf)

Zoning, Article Two- 2-9, Setbacks and Minimums for Districts

Zoning, Article Two - Table of Uses (pdf)

Zoning, Article Three - General Provisions (pdf)

Zoning, Article Four - Conditional Uses (pdf)

Zoning, Article Five - Off Street Parking and Loading Requirements (pdf)

Zoning, Article Six - Nonconforming Uses of Lots, Land and Structures (pdf)

Zoning, Article Seven - Signs (pdf)

Zoning, Article Eight - Administration and Enforcement (pdf)

Zoning, Article Nine - Amendments (pdf)

Zoning, Article Ten - Board of Adjustment (pdf)

Zoning, Article Eleven - Definitions (pdf)

Zoning, Article Twelve - Legal Provisions (pdf)

Zoning, Article Thirteen - Landscape Regulations (pdf)


Zoning Forms

Sign Permit Form (pdf)

Variance Application (pdf)

Variance Denial Form (pdf)

CUP Planning Board Worksheet (pdf)

CUP Granted (pdf)

CUP Denial Form (pdf)

Zoning Permit Form (pdf)